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Ravers Unite!!

Members of the JAL and Test Pilot Music crew and some of the Just Another Label/DML artists have teamed up in support of the raver massive to create the group ‘Freedom of Xpression’ or ‘FoX’ for short.

We will be working with all sorts of interesting folk from landowners, ravers, DJs/promoters and even the police, to provide partygoers with advice, support and information on raving, drug use and health & safety.

As well as this, we will be working with promoters to help them stage legitimate events without losing the all-important rave spirit. FoX will also be holding DJing and music workshops. Exciting stuff is ahead.. watch this space!!

Reminder from the team..

Now, with this spangly new site to peruse and admire, a lot of the raver crew might forget to check out the most recently released material on JAL's labels. But fear not, now we've got your attention, we won't let you miss a trick... read more launched

Welcome to, the home not just of the hard and happy music and all the dancefloor smashes of past and present that you'd associate with JAL, but also of all the diverse music styles which make us the eclectic music organisation that we are. read more
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