“honest people who are serious about the business of music but also appreciate the artistry and the artist behind the sound. If you put the leg work in you will see a fair return. I’m still receiving royalties from tracks I created almost 20 years ago!”

Vivian Thompson

“I’ve been with DML since about 2006. It ‘s been a great experience working with various producers on different genres. It’s also the first time I started to receive an income on recordings :)”

Gordon Mulrain

“After several decades in this business Ola knows past, present and future trends of dance music. Having worked with him from 1995 – 2001 and still receiving royalties, I can safely say that he always does his utmost to support both his artists and his buyers. A total gem to do business with.”

Rebecca Ratcliffe
Becks (Singer / Songwriter)

“I have released several pieces of music over the ten years I have been with the DML and am more than happy with the results. They have been absolutely brilliant –   it has always been a pleasure dealing with these guys.”

Frances Shelley
(Singer / Songwriter)

“Being introduced to the world of library/production music by Ola has been the biggest advance in my music career both creatively and financially. I have been able to realise my potential in a multitude of genres, being given the trust that allows creative freedom and guidance along the way. This has culminated in the success that led to us achieving an Ivor Novello Award for Best Original Music for TV in 2003.”

Errol Francis
DJ Dextrous (DJ / Producer)

“I have been on board as a member of DML’s production team since it was established and I have had my compositions placed on many world known channels and TV programmes.

To this date I continue to work with the DML on future music library projects covering all genres of dance music. Ola has years of experience within this field as well as experience in music production, music publishing, music manufacturing and many other key fields in the music industry.”

Jason Cambridge
DJ Asides (DJ / Producer)

“I highly recommend these guys. Having worked alongside and in collaboration for the last 15 plus years on a wide range of musical productions.”

Martin Blackman
Embee (DJ / Producer)

“I have worked with The DML for over 25 years, nearly my entire career. It has never been less than excellent. Payment is always on time, the work is always interesting, and the company is always forward thinking, pioneering and reliable.”

Chris Howell
Luna C (DJ / Producer)

“I’ve worked with Ola for over 15 years and it’s been an absolute pleasure. He’s given me Opportunities to write other genres of music I wouldn’t normally write and in doing so expanded my knowledge of music while earning an income.”

Paul Smith
DJ Spinback (DJ / Producer)

“Trust worthy, reliable, know what they want and to the point. I’d recommend any new artist to get in touch & work with the DML. Opening you to new territories you never thought of”

Irie J
Vocalist/Song writer

“Through multiple placements in advertising and television DML has helped me create and maintain a healthy royalty stream spanning over two decades. They are creative, innovative and always enthusiastic about the next project!”

Austin Reynolds