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Streamlining your soundtrack creation.

These audio files are a video editor’s dream solution. And we would know – because (to date) we’ve edited 526 videos for ourselves, for artists, for educational establishments and for businesses.

Meaning we understand what video editors are looking for when they’re synching music to their latest creation.

Drag and drop audio files are designed to deliver creative flexibility – and they can make music synching easier, faster and more efficient.

Our loops run for 4, 8, or 16 bars. The intros, middles and outros are there, as you’d expect. But they’re shorter (between 40” and 1’10”). They’re easier to find. And, for a change, they’re authentic – short, sharp and sweet, so the sound is absolutely right. It works particularly well with dance music. And that’s very much our speciality…

In practice editors can put together a fully synched music track simply by dragging and dropping repeatedly until they’re done. And in most cases it’s just as easy to paste a sting at the end to finish. With the stems we provide they can even pick out elements from different songs, mixing and matching to get a unique combination that precisely matches the vibe of the visual sequence. (Tempo and key permitting, of course!) And with our audio markers they can see precisely where to cut the music, anywhere within the loop.

They’ll save time – and frustration. They’ll have the chance to be more creative, without impacting the bottom line. And, frankly, they’ll have a lot more fun doing it – so they’re likely to finish up with a better, more attractive product.

Drag and drop audio files turn music editing from a chore to a delight. With minimal effort a video editor can work pretty much like a DJ, dragging and dropping, cutting and pasting, mixing and matching until you’re happy with the result.