Old Skool

Sounds from the past to strike a chord in the present.

Our Old Skool series include a kaleidoscope of popular dance music from the past – rave, drum & bass, funk, hip-hop, and old skool sounds that are still very popular.

But with us, there’s a difference – because a lot of what you’ll find at DML comes from our own catalogue. It’s music we’ve originated, produced, and in many cases released. So a good proportion of our tracks are genuine sounds from the past. Popular sounds that have been tried and tested on dancefloors globally – including tracks produced by world-famous DJs like Slipmat, Billy Daniel Bunter, Q Project and Optical. People who are legends in their own genres. Plus, of course, tracks that have never been released, and never been heard before.

Think of these tracks as what they really are – authentic slices of musical history. Something special & different than you’d usually expect from a music library.

The producers we work with on this series are mostly in their 40s, or older. They grew up with this music. They’re passionate about it. And they understand how and why today’s music has been influenced by these formative sounds.

We can promise you’ll be spoilt for choice.