Edits Required

Main Edits:

Full, 30, 15, sting, 30-second underscore.


These are only compulsory for the Drag & Drop series. However, to improve usage chances we recommend that you provide loops for all projects.

A 4 bar underscore, plus an 8 & 16 bar loop that contains the most memorable parts.


Stems for the main (full) version and ALL loops.

SIDE NOTE – If you use vocals in the loops instrumental versions are required!

Edits / Cut downs / Commercial Lengths

Shorter edits of compositions (commercial lengths) are tailored explicitly towards advertisements and commercials. The timings of which must be accurate to the second.

  • This can be achieved by using extra elements at the start. The last downbeat or musical content should be no more than 1.5 sec from the end of the duration and please avoid finishing with long reverbs or delays. However, a slight natural fade beyond the duration is acceptable. 
  • ALL compositions MUST have ‘musical endings’, do not use fade in/outs. Ideally, endings should musically “resolve” and preferably finish on the root note.
  • Edits should contain the strongest musical element of your composition and stick to a similar style and theme throughout.
  • Provide instrumental versions if there are ANY vocals..


Stings can be anything from a short burst or up to 5 seconds, that must stand out in their own right as a track, they are usually used within tags, branding, gameshows, transitions etc.

Do's & Don'ts
Final Delivery & Checklist