Small Print

What are you signing up for?

When you sign along the dotted line, you are licensing all tracks signed forever to The DML, of which you will receive 50% (of your artist share) of any income generated at source.

As this is an exclusive agreement, you will not be able to license any tracks listed to any other party, as this right will belong to The DML.

You will be accounted for twice yearly, at the ends of March and September.

It is your responsibility to be registered with a Performance Rights Organisation, such as the PRS (UK), ASCAP (USA), BUMA (NL) or GEMA (GMBH), and provide us with your Unique Reference Number. It is imperative that you have this number before anything is released otherwise you may miss out on income.

Be sure that you are happy to give up these rights, as once you sign along the dotted line and return the agreement to The DML, there is no going back!

Sound scary? Don’t worry, you are in safe hands, the DML and JAL have been doing this since 1992.

Check out testimonials from some established artists to help put you at ease.