A new music library specialising in Dance, Urban & Quirky music

The DML has been producing library music since 1997, specialising in Dance, Urban and Quirky music. We are the humble owners of the niche, renowned dance record label Just Another Label, that made its first appearance in 1992 – but our resume extends further than that!

Fancy A Sneak Peak At Our Current Albums?

“honest people who are serious about the business of music but also appreciate the artistry and the artist behind the sound. If you put the legwork in you will see a fair return. I’m still receiving royalties from tracks I created almost 20 years ago!”

Vivian Thompson

“I’ve been with DML since about 2006. It’s been a great experience working with various producers on different genres. It’s also the first time I started to receive an income on recordings :)”

Gordon Mulrain

“After several decades in this business Ola knows past, present and future trends of dance music. Having worked with him from 1995 – 2001 and still receiving royalties, I can safely say that he always does his utmost to support both his artists and his buyers. A total gem to do business with.”

Rebecca Ratcliffe
Becks (Singer / Songwriter)