Titling & Description

With titling and description, try not to get too romantic, your goal is to represent the song in a way that is simple and eye-catching at the same time. These short texts will determine whether an editor or listeners is going to find your song or not in search engines, so really make sure to spend the time on them.

Titles can draw people to listen to your song, especially if they are using a search engine. For example; a title such as ‘House Party Anthem’, might not sound very appealing to you, but it is a very popular word search! Just make sure the song does match the title – so as not to disappoint your listeners.

With the description, make sure to mention all of the characteristics of your song. For example: ‘

‘A feel-good uplifting club anthem with positive female vocals, catchy piano hook and mesmerising synth riffs. Lush and warm but tense strings lift spirits, whilst the heavy hitting beats and bass create a solid groove bed, to create this hands-in-the-air classic sounding dance piece’

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide, we hope it is useful and will help you get started. Always remember though; in the creative industry, there are no rights or wrongs!

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Titling & Description