Vocals & Lyrics

Even though most library songs are instrumentals, catchy hooky vocals have their own way of drawing listeners in. However, lyrically, try to keep the topic as non-specific as possible. Writing about certain subjects like love or politics, for instance, will decrease the possibilities of your song matching certain products.

Rather than always opting for a full song, with verses, choruses and a middle 8, experiment with just a strong hook or melody, some adlibs or harmonies. More often than not, editors only use hooks or small parts of songs; hence full songs are not usually necessary.


IMPORTANT: Uncleared samples are not permitted.

All content must be original and not infringe with any 3rd party copyright. If using sound effects, sample packs or presets, you must make them your own.


As mentioned it is best to be as non-specific as possible when writing lyrics, but at the same time if you’re writing a song that has an uplifting feel to it, make sure the subject/theme fits.

Think of programming where the song could potentially be used, avoid using words that are too complicated, simplicity works best. It is better to write from a 1st person’s perspective, rather than a 3rd person.


We suggest to always provide several additional varied ad-libs so that the music producer has plenty to play around with. Songs can be built around ad-libs, so don’t be afraid to ooh and aah until your heart’s content. Experiment with your voice, taking into consideration that it may be used as effects.


When recording you must use as a minimum a decent quality condenser mic, with the basic knowledge on how to record in programs such as Logic or Protools.

Delivery Of Vocals

When delivering completed tracks ensure that they are cleaned up and bounced as separate files, along with the sequencer file (ie Logic, Cubase).

Ensure that all audio files are cleaned up and are bounced separately, along with the sequencer file (ie Logic, Cubase).

Please ensure that all of the audio is lined up so that the individual files can be dropped straight into an arrangement.

The files MUST be as 24 bit / 48Khz WAVs or AIFFs. MP3s’ are not acceptable in any shape or form.

Please also provide a lyric sheet, which must contain every single word (including ad-libs) in sequence, as well as the Root Key and BPM


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Vocals & Lyrics
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